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February 2019
Stay tuned y'all...
Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:44 pm by mrmajikbus45
I return in 2 weeks. I'm better than ever. Rested. Recovered completely now from my medical issues... See you soon.

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 Adon MatchUp

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PSN : Mincereth
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PostSubject: Adon MatchUp   Wed May 25, 2011 5:50 pm

Tierlisting: 5-5
Personal Matchup Level: 4/10

Adon's Jaguar Kicks are super effective in this match up. Unless you beat the startup of this move, Fuerte has nothing to stop it and he will eat chip damage. Not to mention he his fast pokes. Of all matchups, play this one slow. If you're constantly Hab Dashing, you won't have enough time to react. st.MP is your best friend in this match. With fast reactions and proper timing (practice using it) it will stuff his LK and MK Jaguar Kicks (cr.HP for HK). Beware his instant air Jaguar Kicks too.

General Strategy

3/4 to Full Screen -

Adon doesn't have much at this range to damage you. He can do LK Jaguar Tooth to build meter but that's pretty much it. He can do HK Jaguar Tooth to get in closer but LK Guac eats it alive. If an Adon uses LK Jaguar Kick to get in closer, react with a B. Hab Dash to Tortilla for a knock down or st.MP. This is Fuerte's preferred range. Even though you can't do much, neither can Adon. Get him frustrated to commit to dangerous moves and you can take him down every time.

Mid Screen/Poking Distance -

A little bit more troublesome for Fuerte. Adon's st.HK has great reach and hits twice. MK Jaguar Kick is tough to counter at this range and your reactions need to be up to speed. The player will walk back and forth and try to hit you with his cr.MP which is one of his best pokes. If this connects, he can cancel it into the MK Jaguar Kick setting you up for trouble. His far st.LK can also cancel, is relatively fast and has a pretty good reach. Be ready to stuff his Jaguar Kicks with st.MP.

Close Distance -

Even though Adon needs to be up close to deal damage, this spacing isn't that bad for Fuerte (even though Fuerte hates up close and personal). Adon doesn't have too strong of frame traps that can keep Fuerte down. The only thing you have to truly be worried about at this distance is his HK Jaguar Kick. But if you OS cr.HP, it'll stop HK Jaguar Kick. Just bide your time to get out and get in your safe zone.

Ultra of Choice

Ultra 1: El Fuerte Giga Buster
It's really easy to use this against Adon. You can grab anything outside of LK Jaguar Tooth cause of it's reach. When you see Adon activate Jaguar Kick from a block string, use this for easy damage. Just beware of using this as an AA cause he can change his jump timing with an air Jaguar Kick.


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PSN : Mincereth
Posts : 1512
Location : New York

PostSubject: Re: Adon MatchUp   Wed May 25, 2011 5:51 pm

Quesadilla Bomb
Adon can do either of the following on block:
- st.HK
- LK Rising Jaguar
- Ultra 1 (reversal)

Jaguar Tooth (and EX)
- LK Guac
Do not be afraid of this move. LK Guac eats it alive. Even if he does only LK or MK, he won't recover in time to attack you so you're safe.

Jaguar Kick
- OS cr.HP when in close
When from far, you can B. Hab Dash into Tortilla or st.MP to stuff them

Rising Jaguar
- RSF on block

Super: Jaguar Varied Assault
As the name suggests, this super has 3 different versions. This first one is where Adon doesn't press any buttons. It's unsafe on block and you can RSF it for free. Just watch the landing cause he will land on the opposite side of Fuerte when the animation is done.

Super: Thousand Jaguars (P)
When activated, Adon can mash punch to add more damage to the super. This is less used for damage cause the kick version does more but this version is much safer on block. Even though it's still punishable, Fuerte doesn't have much to damage Adon with. He can either do st.MP, st.LK, cr.MK, Super, or either Ultra. That's not much choices. So meter isn't available, use a normal into a Hab Dash mix up.

Super: Jaguar Assassin (K)
This is the kick follow up after Varied Assault. It does more damage but it's unsafe on block so you'll rarely see this unless the super connects originally. If it does show up in a match, like Varied Assault, it will go over Fuerte but you're free to RSF for good damage.

Ultra 1: Jaguar Revolver
It has good range (excellent to fight fireballs characters) but less used because it's better to combo into his ultra 2. So you'll see less of this ultra. If blocked, you can easily walk up and RSF for free damage. If you have ultra stocked, you can use it when Adon activates his ultra so you don't take any chip damage.

Ultra 2: Jaguar Avalanche
Much more widely used than ultra 1 cause you can combo into this more easily and does more damage during a combo. If Adon happens to miss (during a combo, whiff AA, or you safe jumped him), it's free RSF damage.

Fun Facts
- You can air throw Adon out of his moves
- Use Safe Tortilla/Tostada to bypass his Rising Jaguar and his Ultra 2 on wake up


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Adon MatchUp
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