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February 2019
Stay tuned y'all...
Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:44 pm by mrmajikbus45
I return in 2 weeks. I'm better than ever. Rested. Recovered completely now from my medical issues... See you soon.

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 Fuerte Tier List

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PSN : Mincereth
Posts : 1512
Location : New York

PostSubject: Fuerte Tier List   Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:09 pm

So I'm making a separate list for the Luchador. With his "buffs" to his normals (which didn't do anything to help his game), Fuerte is still THE worst character in the game. He can't do jack squat to anyone. Personally, he has no matchups in his favor. The best he has is an even 5-5 and those are few. The number shows how Fuerte fares against him/her.

Abel: 4
Adon: 4
Akuma: 4
Balrog: 4
Blanka: 4
C. Viper: 5
Cammy: 5
Chun-Li: 5
Cody: 4
Dan: 4
Dee Jay: 4
Dhalsim: 4
Dudley: 5
E. Honda: 4
El Fuerte: N/A
Evil Ryu: 5
Fei Long: 3
Gen: 5
Gouken: 5
Guile: 5
Guy: 5
Hakan: 5
Ibuki: 4
Juri: 5
Ken: 4
M. Bison: 4
Makoto: 4
Oni: 5
Rose: 3
Rufus: 4
Ryu: 5
Sagat: 4
Sakura: 5
Seth: 4
T. Hawk: 4
Vega: 4
Yang: 3
Yun: 3
Zangief: 4


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PSN : DGWeasel
Posts : 560
Location : Elkhart, Indiana

PostSubject: Re: Fuerte Tier List   Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:28 am

I don't buy the whole, Fuerte isn't good, thing. I think the reason he's so low on the tiers list is cause very few people bothered to use him. He's got the best mind games of any character, and his ability to bait and punish is insane. While his normals aren't the best, his RSF loop mixups are deadly. With all my experiance against Fuerte (More than any other character, lol) the only character I can win with, semi-consistently against him(yours) is Ken. lol


Fuerte is awesome, people are just to lazy to use him.

In my opinion, Cammy is currently the worst character.
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PSN : Smooth-XLR
Posts : 715
Location : Florida

PostSubject: Re: Fuerte Tier List   Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:10 am

IMO I say T Hawk or Hakan are the worse characters in the game. Cammy's playstyle has changed a lot do to her Cannon strike nerf but she's like a weaker Yun and Yang when up close. once ppl figure how to get in with her, you'll see how dangerous she is.

As for Fuerte I kind of disagree with his Yun and Yang matchup, I would think it'd be 6-4 instead of 7-3. Yun and Yang have low hp and stun all you need is a good mixup game and their down.

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PSN : Mincereth
Posts : 1512
Location : New York

PostSubject: Re: Fuerte Tier List   Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:36 pm

Cammy is still top even with the loss of her Cannon Strike. Her normals have been buffed a ton, making them the fastest in the game with great block stun and frame advantage.

T. Hawk and Hakan have a hard time getting in as well but at least T. Hawk can deal massive damage and Hakan can be very dangerous when oiled up (which you can do now more easily with the oil stacking).

Fuerte has to chip at a very slow pace to get his damage.

The reason for Yang/Yun being 7-3 is cause RSF doesn't truly work on them. Their reeling animation from being hit is like Ryu's, they get pushed far from the hit. They have very fast attacks, great pressure game, the have several ways to break Fuerte out of his Ex Hab Dash (his only get away move), it's terrible.

By no means am I going to stop using him. This is just how I feel the matchups go and shows what I need to do to work for that win.


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PostSubject: Re: Fuerte Tier List   

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Fuerte Tier List
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