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April 2019
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Resident Evil 5 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2012 10:44 pm by mrmajikbus45
I return in 2 weeks. I'm better than ever. Rested. Recovered completely now from my medical issues... See you soon.

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 Resident Evil 5

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PostSubject: Resident Evil 5   Resident Evil 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2011 11:58 am

This is by no means a new game but I liked it when it first came out and I like it now that I'm replaying it. I'm trying to beat it on professional mode with a friend of mine. Well, I first have to unlock it and I want to get the infinite rocket launcher before going into it (mainly cause he has like no money to pimp his weapons).

This is a very fluid game with lots of action and good story elements. The only problem is that it it is almost an exact replica of RE4. But it's still a good game.

Gameplay: Exactly like RE4. But if you liked RE4, you'll like this game. When you aim, you can target specific parts of the incoming "zombie"'s body to take them out (headshots are much easier in this than in FPS games). The problem of not being able to walk and shoot is still here and it hurts in this day in age where you can do that in all other shooting games But otherwise it's a good game. There is no worry of missing jumps cause it does it automatically and when an enemy staggers, you can push a button to do an epic melee attack. There are even CG moments where you have to do timed button presses to continue, breaking up the monotony of just watching the clips. There are a few puzzles in this game as in the past but much less so which is a bit disappointing.

Graphics: It's a beautiful game. The characters look great and the environments look even better. The enemies move realistically and react well when being shot. And the monsters look great.

Sounds: The monsters sound real the weapons sound realistic. The soundtrack works well with the game. During fight scenes, it picks up to bring an adrenaline rush, making you feel like you're in a hopeless, chaotic mess. In the lull moments of the game, where you're puzzle solving or just wandering around, the music is rather relaxing. And the voice acting I feel is spot on. No one seems out of place.

Replayability: I've already played the story of this game several times cause I love it so much. So I believe it's a great game to continue playing after the first time through. New difficulties unlock for you to try to beat (with all your weapons still intact). You can keep playing to make sure you shoot all the emblems, collect all the treasuries and figurines, and unlock the infinite ammo for the weapons. After playing through for the first time, there is Mercenaries where you can play small games of survival to gather points to unlock the infinite ammo.

Multiplayer/Online: The survivor mode (which I think it's called) is a small mulitplayer game where players verse against each other. The maps are set in areas in the story so you should be used to traversing them (just with a few differences of course). Because you can't move while shooting, I personally felt it was terrible. This is not something I found enjoyable. Why the hell won't I move while being shot at while I'm trying to shoot? It's stupid. Though I believe you can play Mercenaries with a friend, I've never tried. That is something cool.

Overall: 9.0

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Resident Evil 5
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