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March 2019
Stay tuned y'all...
Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:44 pm by mrmajikbus45
I return in 2 weeks. I'm better than ever. Rested. Recovered completely now from my medical issues... See you soon.

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PostSubject: Bulletstorm   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:12 pm

This is a game that is nothing but action. There is no puzzle solving. There are (barely) any story building sequences. There are no moments in the game where you can relax a bit. None of that. This is a game about blasting through the acts, utterly destroying everything in your path. If it moves, shoot it cause you want it dead. Be it a guy shooting back at you in a firefight, a monster charging you down to beat you to death, or even fire flies minding their own business not interferring with your mission; blast it to smithereens! (There is a tiny little news robot that wanders around the levels...poor thing has no idea that it's telling it's last story). If you don't mind mindless shooting just to relieve frustration, this game is for you.

Gameplay: It's just like any FPS. You aim and shoot. You can run faster, crouch, switch weapons on the fly...everything is the tried and true formula for an FPS game today. What separates this game apart is the Leash, the weapons, and the melee button. When you target something with your Leash, you are able to grab them and pull them to you. When they get near you, time slows down drastically, allowing you to unload a clip into their sorry lives (very short sorry lives at this moment).
The weapons are of the same variety as other shooters but changes it up with their own flair. There is the assault rifle, the magnum, shotgun, sniper, a flail gun (which wraps an opponent in a wire and explodes), and this weird gun that shoots exploding balls (yeah). Then there is a way to charge the next shot which not only adds damage, but a special effect that casues more havoc to even the enemies nearby.
As for the melee, you kick them and they go into slow motion (just like the Leash) and you can unload bullets on them. This isn't the only thing you can use it for. The environment of the game is extremely dangerous. There are killer plants, lots of ledges, electrical wires, etc that you can knock them into for extra points. You also have this way to slide into opponents and does the same effect.
As the game progresses, your objective (besides destroying everyone in your path to get to the end) is to come up with the most creative way to kill. The better the kill, the more points you get. These points are used for buying new weapons and ammo, as well as ranking you higher on the leaderboard.

Graphics: It's made by Epic and the Unreal Engine. This game is beautiful. Any game created with the Unreal Engine is gorgeous and this pushes it to the limit. The people are life like and the environments are spectacular. Graphics doesn't make the game but it sure is great to look at!

Sounds: This is such a tough category to rank. Games usually have the right sounds for the guns and environments. The soundtrack is also spot on with epic music. The voice acting is also well done (I love Ishi's voice). As per usual, this is the shortest category and this game holds up to standards.

Replayability: Like any game, you could go back and try to beat the game on the hardest setting and go for the achievements. There's nothing much else to the game because the story (or lack there of) will not draw you to it. It is great to just destroy things so if you need your fix, put in this game and demolish everything!

Multiplayer/Online: This is difficult. Following Gears of War (as all games are now because of Horde mode), they have waves of enemies come at you in the form of Anarchy. Like Horde, the waves get tougher and tougher the more you go. In order to advance, you need to get the most out of your kills by using the environment and your weapons to rack up the points. There are special enemies too that you need to kill in a specific way to maximize points.
There is also Echoes mode where it's a mock up of the levels in the game and you try to gain the highest points using the best kills at your disposal. Through this mode, you try to beat friends and other gamers to climb the leaderboards.
What's disappointing is there is no true multiplayer mode where it's humans against humans. This would be an interesting concept for this game. It would have kept the life of this game much higher. But alas, it has no such feature.

Overall: 8.0


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