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February 2019
Stay tuned y'all...
Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:44 pm by mrmajikbus45
I return in 2 weeks. I'm better than ever. Rested. Recovered completely now from my medical issues... See you soon.

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 October 31st - November 6th

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PostSubject: October 31st - November 6th   Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:11 pm

--- GameStop is now selling branded Android tablets in 200 of its stores as a test run for a larger launch plan.

--- Killian explained with EuroGamer that the reason that UMVC3 is scheduled to release only 9 months after the first is due to Marvel having their own schedules to follow. Due to other companies having Marvel games getting ready to be released to the masses, UMVC3 had to follow a strict timeline for it's date.

--- Until November 7th, Devil May Cry 4 will be available on iOS devices for only 99 cents. Updates for this game includes the ability to play as Dante and Devil Trigger Mode.

--- Seth Killian predicts Street Fighter V will come out around 2019 and that we don't have to wait 10 years for this new release (such as the time difference between 3 and 4). Though Vanilla came out 2009, so isn't this 10 years right there?

--- There have been rumors of a beta/demo for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Though there has been media coverage regarding this issue, Capcom has denied any public beta/demo for the masses. There will be chances to try the build, though, during some conventions before release.

--- Customers are angered by the fact the new 3DS title Resident Evil: Revelations will cost as much as a Wii game at $49.99. This price jump is due to the huge amount of data on the cartridge and Capcom feels it's a necessary price for this package.

--- DC: Universe has gone free-to-play and has attracted 120K+ subscribers. This jump in new players has increased in just 2 days upon the drop of the superhero MMO subscription fee. With the large amount of new subscribers, servers haven't been able to handle the influx of players and will stabilize in a few weeks.

--- By simply watching the Acts of Valor trailer, a Battlefield 3 movie scheduled for release in theaters February 17th, 2012, players will receive 5 new dog tags to add to their account. An interesting movie, it portrays scenes from a video game perspective.

--- Rumors point to it and even Steve Jobs commented on it, but now CBS' CEO has confirmed that Apple is working on a subscription-based TV service.

--- Michael Bay has received rights to a Need For Speed movie. If any of you liked Transformers, prepare for explosions in this racing game turned movie.

--- The PC component of Call of Duty Elite will not launch with Modern Warfare 3.

--- On November 4th, there was an accidental leak of Mass Effect 3's beta code. Microsoft has advised that through human error at their end, content which was meant for internal beta testing was flagged incorrectly and released to individuals who had signed up for the beta of the Xbox Live dashboard update. It has since been taken down and deactivated.

--- Just slightly over a year since it first launched, the LEGO Group has announced plans to shut down LEGO Universe, the LEGO MMO. With just under 2 million players, only a tiny fraction of that amount were paying subscribers. LEGO Universe originally launched as a subscription-based title and took on the free-to-play model in an attempt to increase revenue.

--- Gaming website Siliconera has revealed that Nintendo filed a Japanese patent application for an accessory that turns the Wiimote into a touchpad. The device will simply slide over your Wiimote and allowing you to use a stylus to control things in games. The touchpad will also be able to be used as a drawing pad or to add a mouse pointer interface to a game.

--- The huge iOS sensation Angry Birds has rumors spreading of a movie that is in the works.

--- Even though MW3 will be released in a few days, someone couldn't wait that long and paid $1725 for their copy.

--- Sony announced that beginning November 18th, PSN content will be restricted to two devices. As of that Friday, PS3 and PSP users will only be able to play their games on up to two activated systems, down from five. This policy will only be used for game content (as opposed to game and video content) purchased after November 18.

--- 11/5 held DSB Ranbats 3.0, our first tourney in over a year. Congratulations to Pabbs for being the winner!


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October 31st - November 6th
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