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February 2019
Stay tuned y'all...
Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:44 pm by mrmajikbus45
I return in 2 weeks. I'm better than ever. Rested. Recovered completely now from my medical issues... See you soon.

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 Blanka Matchup

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PSN : Mincereth
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PostSubject: Blanka Matchup   Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:03 am

Tierlisting: 5-5
Personal Matchup Level: 3/10

Blanka is an annoying character for most people and it definitely holds true for this match. Blanka has fast mobility just like Fuerte and his command dashes can really mess you up. Beware of Hab Dashing too much, he can do his slide which has far reach and will knock you down (and his cr.HP also has great range). You don't need to fear his Rolling Attack too much cause it's punishable.

General Strategy

3/4 to Full Screen -

Like most characters, neither player can harm each other from this distance. You can LK Guac to build meter and he can do his Lightning. Try not to go for wall jumps (even short ones) cause he can do HK or EX Vertical Rolling to kick you out of it or his slide to trip guard you. Look at how to counter his Rolling Attack below cause some players will try to spam that. If they end the ball purposely to land right in front of you, either block cause they will try to do the electricity or tech their throw.

Mid Screen/Poking Distance -

Many people hate Blanka for his gimmicks but when it comes down to his basic form, Blanka actually has pretty good pokes that can keep you on lock down. His st.LP has good reach and it's fast, cr.HP has great reach and does big damage, and of course his slide will catch you off guard and is safe from a good distance. This is where most Blanka's will fight from cause they can control the spacing really well cause of his mobility. Another reason this is his distance is that when he does his electric thunder, it will push him this far so he's used to being at this spacing.

Close Distance -

Even though Fuerte is weak up close, this isn't too bad for him. Blanka doesn't have much to keep Fuerte pinned down. His electric thunder is safe on block but it pushes him to mid distance so Fuerte is clear again. The only thing to worry about is Blanka's st.LP pressure. Other than that, just block and wait it out.

Ultra of Choice

Ultra 1: El Fuerte Giga Buster
This ultra has long range so you'll be able to grab Blanka during poor decisions. Even if he connects with his HP Rolling Attack, you can ultra 1 on reaction to get him. It may be a bit slow at 5 frames, but it's still damaging and can punish when used correctly. It's also great when a Blanka uses a random Ultra 2. Jump forward over the first shockwave and instantly activate this ultra to grab him.

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PSN : Mincereth
Posts : 1512
Location : New York

PostSubject: Re: Blanka Matchup   Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:03 am

Quesadilla Bomb
Blanka can do either of the following on block:
- st.MP
- cr.HP
- Amazon River Run
- Rolling Attack
- Ultra 2

Rolling Attack
- is better than st.LP for this at far distance
- Hab Dash Calamari if blocked (block standing)
- Reversal Hab Dash Calamari if hit (HP only and it the slide has to be done perfectly timed)
- HK Super will hit on block for HP ball only
- Ultra 1 will catch HP and MP ball
- Quesadilla Bomb beats it out cleanly

EX Backstep Roll (the normal one no one uses)

- LV3 focus seems to miss
- Focus then going for RSF will miss (stupid hitbox)
- Air throw, cr. HP beats it cleanly (watch out for the change in trajectory though)
- LK Guac early enough (it stuffs MK and HK and EX Guac will miss depending on the trajectory)
- Ultra on block (make sure he's already on his way down), do not Ultra while he's on the way, you'll whiff
- When pressuring him and he uses this to escape, OS cr.HP to beat it

Veritcal Roll
- can st.HK>HK Guac when he's on the way down if whiffed (he recovers fast so don't bother with RSF)
- Ultra 1 will catch him on hit or block - don't use reversal (EX will knock you down though if it hits)
- Ultra on the way down
- Reversal Hab Dash Calamari if blocked

Electric Thunder
- Slide
- B. Hab Dash Tortilla
- Ultra
- All of these are only from a distance, you can't beat it on block, it's +5 at the least so it's extremely safe

Super: Grand Shave Roll
This hits low on start up then high so block accordingly. Most people don't use this unless it's hit confirmed and his meter is best used for EX moves.
- Block, then walk up HK>HK Guac

U1: Lightning Cannonball
This hits low on start up then high so block accordingly.
- After blocking, walk up HK>HK Guac
- Ultra (make sure he's already coming down)
- When rolling on the ground, LK or MK Super

U2: Shout of Earth
This is an interesting Ultra. Blanka can use this from afar almost safely from full screen. There is almost nothing you can do without meter. There are a few options to do though if you do
- Jump forward after first bolt then Ultra on landing (Super if you're close enough)
- From jump in distance, you can j.HP him after the first bolt
- From a little further than jump distance, land in front after the first bolt and cr.MK
- It armor breaks, don't use EX Hab Dash
- (From Full Screen) You can't really jump from the wall and attack at him, his electricity lasts for a long time (the only time this will work is immediately after the first bolt of electricity, and you use instant Tostada, and it has to be done fast! Otherwise he's invincible). The only thing to do at this distance is jump up and block the second stream of electricity if you don't have Ultra stocked.

Fun Facts
- After Blanka does cr.HP, you can punish with reversal U1 on block and reversal U2 on hit or block

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Blanka Matchup
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